Catch & Release the GT

An Introduction to Caranx Ignobilis

A large GT cruising the shallows

A large GT cruising the shallows.
Notice the striking striations on the back.
Source: Wikipedia

The Caranx Ignobilis (known as the Giant Trevally or more commonly shortened to GT) is a species of fish found in warm tropical waters of the Pacific & Indian oceans. They are usually found marauding fish small and large along reef drop-offs and bomboras.

The GT is the largest of the Caringidae/Jack family, reaching sizes over 200lb.

Robust and solid in appearance the GT can be recognised by a steep and blunt head profile, silver to grey/black colouration and large pectoral fins.

The purpose of this website is to provide visitors with detailed information about the GT and to encourage preservation of the species into the future (particularly through catch and release angling).

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